I'm Andrew.  I graduated with a first class degree in Systems Modeling in England.  I learned a lot about processes, their inputs and outputs and how to make them better.  And everything is a process.

For the next six years I worked on various assignments abroad for a very cool software company headquartered in Toronto. I spent a lot of time building software models of global supply chains for some really big companies and learned a lot about how they source, store, make and distribute stuff.

Returning to England I joined an equally cool digital agency who designed and built digital solutions for anyone who shared their passion for putting the end user at the centre of every project. For 8 years we used advanced user-centred design and build techniques for big brands, government agencies and start-ups. I learned a lot about how to engage with different audiences online.

In 2014 I joined the UK management team of a big data software company headquartered in California where I led teams of people (who were way more intelligent than I was) in a global, fast-paced, high-growth software delivery environment. I learned how important emotional and cultural intelligence was in leadership and how staying humble and true to yourself is the most important quality in leadership.

Now I'm here to help you.